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Main article: Genin Mission Arc In the anime, as Boruto prepared for his first genin mission, Hinata saw him off and wished her son good luck. You loved it? Naruto follows, assuming she needs rescue. Naruto saves him and Toneri gives up, allowing Hinata to tell him Hamura's true wishes: to protect the Earth, not to destroy it. When Naruto and Sakura are sent to the Genjutsu World , they meet that world's Hinata: she is dressed provocatively and is more assertive and confident in herself. Throughout the years, Naruto remains her primary motivation; she willingly face down Pain to protect Naruto, knowing fully she will lose. Toneri becomes distracted by his own awakening Tenseigan , allowing Hinata to escape with Naruto to the primary Tenseigan's location. It is for her teammates - among other reasons - that Hinata starts seeking to change herself, as she wishes to help the team rather than burden it.

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Pain later destroys the village, but Hinata is saved from harm by Katsuyu. He initially gained her attention because of his kindness to her and outspoken nature, and then kept her attention because of similarities that Hinata perceived to herself: Naruto had a painful childhood without the love of parents, a fate worse than the mere difficulty she had with her own father, and he craves the attention and acknowledgement of anybody, just as Hinata wants to please her father. He was clueless and oblivious to Hinata's attempts to get his undivided attention, but all Naruto seemed to do was turn his attention over to Sakura. She wears a pair of short dark navy shorts with thigh-high stockings and has changed her regular ninja sandals to black high-heeled boots. Hinata also had hoped that this mission could change the timid dynamic of hers and Naruto's friendship, maybe even to the point where they could blossom into a real relationship?

During her forced wedding to Toneri, she wore a wide black and grey top with a grey sash around her waist. She screams in surprise and hides behind a fence while she tries to build up the courage to greet him. Now all he had to do was make his escape… "Don't think we've forgotten about you! During which, Hinata allowed the children to watch over the tailed beast while she was happy to have extra time with her entire family. She also wore short puffy pants with black lace socks and sandals. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3. Later, she and her friends helped Boruto and Naruto clean up a bathhouse after the commotion Naruto and Jiraiya caused. On the day of the Five Kage Summit in Konoha, Hinata and Himawari visit Neji's grave and places sunflowers on it, while assuring Himawari that he is happy with the flowers. She is rescued by Neji, who has had a change of perspective as a result of his loss to Naruto. Kakashi and Sakura both stood there in awe, mouths gapping open as they were completely and utterly speechless.

Main article: Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring In the anime, when Himawari fell sick due to a fever, Boruto and Naruto argued about giving her rice porridge or hamburger steaks while Hinata was administering the medicine she picked up. Main article: Power In the anime, Hinata is part of a team of reinforcements sent to Tonika Village to help Team 7 in the fight against Kabuto Yakushi. He just wanted to sneak in and peep on all of you! On the other hand, if there were kunoichi present, he'd have kunai, shuriken, jutsu and who knows what else to contend with. I'm a little new to this Naruto fan fic community but I think this is the start to something exceptionally nice. After she wakes up in Toneri's castle, Hinata checks on Hanabi to make sure she's alright and locates the Tenseigan that Toneri is using to control the Moon's movements against the Earth. As always, I appreciate your feedback.


But at least he'd die happy, after all it was a very nice chest. She becomes horrified as she notices that his heartbeat is slowing and runs to him to provide assistance, but she collapses from exhaustion midway and can only plead Neji to help Naruto. You hated it? Hinata attempts to stop the Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone from taking chakra from Naruto, but she fails and is saved by Neji.

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  • As she is about to confide in him what Toneri told her, the rest of the team locates them and asks Hinata to look at a crypt they've found.
  • Naruto couldn't take his eyes of the raven-haired maiden even if he wanted to.
  • Although the Zetsus suffer heavy casualties, their numbers are too great and the fight becomes one of attrition.
  • Hinata during the Fourth Shinobi World War.
  • As a mother and wife, she has become a master homemaker, keeping the family well-structured yet well-adjusted and happy.
  • Although Neji is suspicious that Naruto may also be a White Zetsu, Hinata insists it's the real Naruto, which she can tell by looking in his eyes.
  • Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2.

I did also create my own little fan art to go along with this story, it's pretty mediocre at best, but oh well. Category : Characters. Later, Hinata watched as an eager Boruto quickly finished his breakfast in hopes to train more with Sasuke. Even though it's in tatters, Naruto asks if he can have it anyway, which Hinata happily complies with. Naruto couldn't take his eyes of the raven-haired maiden even if he wanted to. She later returned to Konoha and mistakenly attacked Naruto, whom she believed to be an impostor. In place of Hinata, Toneri is successfully able to kidnap Hanabi. Hanabi stopped dead in her tracks. In unison with her Byakugan, Hinata can attack accurately target an individuals' chakra pathway systems and the tenketsu that run along it, constricting or cutting off their chakra flow from only minimal contact. Pain later destroys the village, but Hinata is saved from harm by Katsuyu.

In the anime, Kakashi Hatake recruits Team 8's members to help him investigate one of Orochimaru 's recently-discovered bases. Hinata in The Last: Naruto the Movie. She focuses on Tobi's chakra signature to try and understand how his ability works, but is mystified when it simply vanishes. Depends on the reaction I get from this fic. She becomes horrified as she notices that his heartbeat is slowing and runs to him to provide assistance, but she collapses from exhaustion midway and can only plead Neji to help Naruto. She could feel her pink pussy become sopping wet with desire as her beloved Naruto sucked at her huge tits, so hungrily. The only reasonable explanation she could think of was that the ignorant twit still thought of Hinata as 'one of the boys' and hadn't actually gotten around to seeing her as a woman. She admires him for that. He was so damn high off her fucking taste to the point where he didn't seem to hear the calls of his comrades from nearby, their shocked eyes taking in the explicit image before them. Naruto couldn't take his eyes of the raven-haired maiden even if he wanted to.

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Foto Vagina Berlendir Hinata hot spring Hinata had the impression that with some much needed and over due alone time with her beloved Naruto that maybe, just maybe, they could finally break through the ice and get to know each other exceedingly well. Kakashi sends the rest of Team 7 to complete the mission while he returns to the village with Team 8.
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